Week 9: A fresh start

After realising that we had too many elements last week and that social media has been overdone we decided to start fresh and create something simple that we could refine and build on. However there was a lot of miscommunication and we took a long time discussing and trying to get on the same page, that we didn’t have a lot of time for experimentation.

We decided to focus on three elements that would work together to create a cohesive piece; sound, projection and space. We split into 3 pairs to work on separate elements that we would put together, to create a work that played with the emotional connotations attached to facial expressions and sounds.

We moved away from the small cupboard space into the gallery to allow for more audience interaction and larger groups. We projected two videos one of a happy face and one of an angry face, divided by a sheet of paper. We then had conflicting sounds beneath each projection, under the angry face we had happy sounds and under the happy face we had angry sounds. This created a conflict in the viewers mind as the brain wanted to connect the angry face with the angry music but the closer you went to the angry projection the louder the happy music was. After discussion with the class it was suggested that a corridor style space would create a better effect for the work.




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