Week 12: Continued Experimentation

Continuing on from last week Binaisha and I finished building the soundboards with help from Glenn. We tested it with the sounds we had used previously whilst the others edited new video and audio. For the video we decided to focus on just the face with a neutral expression and manipulating lighting to create shadows, which altered the expressions.

For the audio we moved away from music and looked into poetry that related to happiness and sadness. This was done as it was previously suggested to try using dialog to create more of a conversation between the elements of the piece. Using poetry worked well, however for future iterations we would have to slow down the reading and use more expression in the deliverance of the poem.

After review and discussion we decided that for the next iteration we are to move away from the corridor space and project onto two sides of a black sheet to try and hide the edges of the projection and bring the work together.




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