Contextual Analysis

My digital artefact ‘Making VR’ was developed under the premise that i would be teaching myself how to create a virtual reality space. To present my work i decided on creating a few blog posts that showed what i had attempted to create and any challenges and success i had with creating the virtual space.

My initial research into the topic of Virtual Reality looked at what exactly Virtual Reality is, what are its applications and what is its history. My research discovered that Virtual Reality is a fully immersive, three-dimensional computer simulated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person (Virtual Reality, 2017). It has a rich history stemming from panoramic paintings, to the first flight simulators and to now with various applications (Virtual Reality, 2017). These applications include medical and military training, house design, gaming and media (Virtual Reality, 2017).

Further research into how to create Virtual Reality showed that there are two main methods of creating virtual reality; 360º immersive video or making 3D animation (Hansen). For my artefact i decided to create 3D animation as it enables viewers to freely look and move around the space they are in just like they would in the real world (Hansen). 3D animation can be created through software such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

For my artefact it was decided to t use Unreal Engine 4 in order to learn and create a virtual reality space. My artefact focuses on creating a house as structural environments were suggested as being easier for beginners starting to create in Unreal Engine as they are made of basic shapes.

The process of teaching myself virtual reality had a few challenges, such as computer failure and lack of understanding of tutorial instructions. Although there were a few challenges, the more attempts made the easier creating became as the knowledge and understanding of the program grew.




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