Final Experimentation

Our last two experimentations were quite successful. We fine-tuned the video and audio, creating an original poem to match our work. When playing with the placement of the projections we stumbled across an interesting accidental aspect of ghosting through the sheet. We also decided to move away from our created soundboards as they didn’t add anything to our work and switched to normal stand alone speakers facing opposite sides of the sheet.

We then moved from the black sheet to a white screen, which allowed a stronger ghosting effect to come through. In order to enhance the ghosting further we reshot the video lighting the sides of the faces so that the other would appear in the shadow. This allowed the faces to become one when the audio matched up and they ‘spoke’ in unison.

If we had more time to change something we would make the video larger and fill the screen, as well as fine-tuning the alignment of the faces on the screen to create a more cohesive joining.


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