Week Five: Futures

This week we spent some time doing material research. We were asked to look for an artist or maker whose work usefully explores an aspect of the theme ‘futures’ and whose practice informs or resonates with our own. Binaisha and I share the same practice and wanted to go in a similar direction to explore futures so we decided to work together, and explore futures as a digital language.

When looking for an artist with a similar approach we came across Ukranian artist Nastya Ptichek. Ptickek created a five-part series that crossed digital communications with classical painting. Her inspiration came from the realisation “that standard iOS emojis strongly resemble some well-known paintings of famous artists,” like this emoji representation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.




Ptichek aimed to connect people with the classical paintings from the past through a contemporary spin, bringing together a “clever and interesting commentary on the impact that technology…. has on our lives.” Binaisha and I decided to recreate and iterate off Ptichecks work as a stepping stone to achieve our final work. This is what we experimented with:

dogs playing poker emoji

last supper emoji

Mona Lisa emoji form



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