The value of Patience

In my next attempts at creating in Unreal Engine i decided to try and create a basic house. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but i was pleased with my efforts. I used the box shape to make the walls and floor, and used the materials in the content folder to add texture to the walls and floor. I still struggled with manipulating the movement controls and got quite frustrated trying to line up the walls with the floor. While i was working on the house the program kept crashing and i would have to start again which added to my frustration. From this attempt i learnt that i need a lot of patience if i want to make something.

Below are images from my attempt.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.03.45 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.54.24 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 7.30.29 pm.png


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